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Swiss TPH

Swiss Public Health Conference 2012
30.-31. August 2012, Lausanne

(Re-)Organizing Health Systems

Masterpiece Forum SSPH+


Welcome by Prof. Fred Paccaud (SSPH+)

16.15-17.30 Oral presentation of the five best master theses:
  Umbescheidt Rocco / MPH
Students’ strains during higher vocational nursing training.
  Borchard Annegret / MPH
A systematic review of the effectiveness, compliance, and critical factors for implemenation of safety checklists in surgery.
  Barbir Aline / MPH
Effects of phenotypes in heterocyclic aromatic amines (HCA) metabolismrelated genes on the association of HCA intake with the risk of colorectal adenomas.
  Flück Michael / MPH
Seasonal influenza and pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccination: Knowledge, attitudes and practices of hospital-based healthcare workers, a large crosssectional survey, Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland.
  Born Rita / MPH
Disparities in bone density measurement history and osteoporosismedication utilisation in Switzerland: Results from the Swiss Health Survey 2007


A jury consisting of Muriel Bochud, Monika Diebold, Rolf Heusser and Jürgen Maurer, will evaluate the oral presentations. The best presenter will be awarded during the evening program. Awards are funded by SSPH+.

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